TRACY STEEPY - Body Castings


As part of the Transparency and Mediation Ensemble Residency in 2011, the jewellery artist Tracy Steepy did an intervention in the mold archive in the Rejmyre Glass factory basement, as well as a series of works relating the other participants bodies to the site.

Tracy Steepy is an artist whose work focuses on the format and subject matter of jewelry. She is a professor in the jewelry and metals department at Rhode Island School of Design, USA. Before joining the faculty at RISD in 2004, she taught for three years at the University of Oregon. She received her MFA from the SUNY/New Paltz Metals Program in 2000. In 2008, she participated in an artist-in-residence program, supported by IASPIS (International Artists Studio Program in Sweden) at the MADE BY studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Following her time in residence, she curated an exhibition of five Swedish jewelers titled The Silence is So Loud at Gallery Loupe. Her most recent work, Where the Line Leads, featured at the Sienna Gallery in Lenox, MA., was the culmination of her investigation into surface and pattern through the fabrication of plastic plaid.


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