Felling a tree
There was nothing else to do with the forest
Burning the wood mold with hot glass

DAVID LARSSON - There was nothing else to do with the forest


“Det fanns inget annat att göra med skogen. Träden skulle huggas ned. Veden brinner i ugnen, smälter glaset. Trä används till glasformarna, till glasblåsarnas verktyg, träet formar glaset. Den varma glasmassan bränner träet, formar det precis som träet formar glaset. Positiv och negativ form. Träden huggs ned och skogen lämnas med ett tomrum. Elden fortsätter att brinna i ugnen.” - David Larsson

Projektet är ett samarbete mellan Kulturbruk Rejmyre, Rejmyre Art LAB och Reijmyre Glasbruk.

David Larsson was born in 1981 in Uppsala and currently lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. He completed his MFA at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm in 2012. In Larsson’s practice, objects play a central role as vessels for social and political histories, as well as circulation of affects. David Larsson has exhibited in solo exhibitions at Konsthall C, Stockholm (2017), Haninge Konsthall (2014) and BLOKK, Bergen (2013)

Larsson is one of Rejmyre Art Lab’s core members since 2012. He has made a series of installations at the site over the years.

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