Everything you want was already here

August 2014

In 2014, Rejmyre Art LAB’s Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement gathered a group of recently graduated MFA students from across the Nordic and Baltic Art academies for Everything you want was already here: an exploration of site-dependent making.

This workshop aimed to explore site-responsive art practice with a particular emphasis on the function and effects of displacing art and artists within different models of artist residencies. What might it be to consider that all you need is always right where you are? No need to bring anything other than your self and your artistic practice. What materials will be there? What new insights might come when starting from scratch? Might it be the way to craft a truly site-dependent work, with nothing but the place as starting point?

This post-MFA workshop was open to practitioners from both visual art and craft educations from a select group of Nordic and Baltic art schools. Activities of our post-MFA workshops include a combination of individual and collaborative exercises, work presentations, peer critique and living together in community.

Participants had recently completed their MFA degree at The Royal Institute of Art, Sweden, Konstfack, Sweden, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, Bergen Academy of the Arts, Norway, the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Iceland, the Academy of Fine Arts [KUVA], Finland, Vilnius Academy of the Arts, Lithuania, the Art Academy of Latvia and the Estonian Academy of the Arts. Participants were selected by nomination from our network of professorial colleagues and through an open call.