August 2016

The workshop aims to make craft of the physical and conceptual spaces created, on a regular basis in our region, by the forestry practice of clearcutting. Clearcutting is a fundamental method of what is referred to as “the Swedish Forestry Model”, one could argue this is one of Sweden’s largest ideological, environmental exports. How can we use our artistic practices to think through the implications of this way of relating to nature? We take, as our starting point, a physical space, inhabiting a specific clearcut in the nearby forest. From there, we go in our own directions, together.

What might it might mean to make a “clearcut”, as a contemporary artist? What might we cut ourselves clearly from and to? What is contained in the desire to make a “clear cut”, the fantasy of a clean severing, a laying bare, a land prepped for renewal? We invite you to join us in exploring these questions and others you bring to the site.

This post-MFA workshop was open to practitioners from both visual art and craft educations from a select group of Nordic and Baltic art schools, including The Royal Institute of Art, Sweden, Konstfack, Sweden, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark, Bergen Academy of the Arts, Norway, the Icelandic Academy of the Arts, Iceland, the Academy of Fine Arts [KUVA], Finland, Vilnius Academy of the Arts, Lithuania, the Art Academy of Latvia and the Estonian Academy of the Arts. Participants were selected by nomination from our network of professorial colleagues and through an open call.

Activities of our post-MFA workshops include a combination of individual and collaborative exercises, work presentations, peer critique and living together in community. Since its inception in 2009, Rejmyre Art LAB’s workshops, residencies, seminars and exhibitions have engaged Rejmyre, a small, glass factory town, and the nearby village of Kalbo, both located amidst the forest and lakes two hours southwest of Stockholm.