2017 Residency

July 2017

Robyn Backen was selected, in collaboration with SPACED, as our 2016-17 resident artist. She conducted a research visit in 2016 and is in the process of planning her return residency in 2017, where she will realize a significant project in Rejmyre that will also be exhibited as part of the SPACED 3 traveling exhibition. You can view images of Robyn’s evolving work here.

John Vesanen and Robyn Backen
John Vesanen and Robyn Backen
Robyn Backen, Barn Wall

2017 Residency : Artists


Robyn Backen (AUS) is presenting the sound installation “I’m Jet Black Glass”, integrated in the environment of the Reijmyre Glassworks and “Barn Wall - I am Gla(s)d” a mobile outdoor sculpture, which is a response to the Swedish landscape and the red-painted rural barns. A text encoded into the slats of the transparent structure, will only be legible once the sun projects the inverted letters onto the ground. Community members, children and tourists are invited to create shadow-drawings with charcoal.

Through a collaboration with the Australian residency-based biennial SPACED, we are pleased to be able to continue our two-year residency model. Invited artists are selected through an open call and come to Rejmyre for an initial research visit, followed by an extended residency period. During the research visit, artists are permitted time to freely explore the site and their impressions. After a period of gestation, they make project proposals, to be realized during a longer residency the following year.

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John Vesanen and Robyn Backen