2016 Residency

July 2016

The 2016 residency involved the implementation and inhabitation of an artist-guest-worker program within the factory. The artists worked the same hours, took the same breaks and where payed the same salary as the glass workers in the factory. Our task is to develop and produce a product line in response to the situation of our own labour and the labour of others around us.

The project considered how a conceptual performance of labour, about labour, in the context of this hybrid industrial/tourist factory, might be used as a strategy to invoke a parallel state of consciousness in a group of artist-researchers. From inside this state, we attempt to explore the evolving roles of the contemporary labourer.

International participants section 1: Alex Auriema (US), Robyn Backen (AUS), Ioana Jucan (RO), Filip Olszewski (US), Daniel Peltz (US/SE), Sissi Westerberg (SE) Etnografer: Ioan Jucan (RO)

Nordic participants section 2: Unndór Egill Jónsson (IS), David Larsson (SE), Meri Linna (FI), Daniel Peltz (US/SE), Sissi Westerberg (SE) Etnografer: Konstantin Economou (SE)

Performing Labour Phase II: Nordic artists
Performing Labour Phase I: International artists

2016 Residency : Artists