2013-2014 Residency

July 2013

Bruce Chao [US] and Christine Mackey [IR] were selected as our 2013-14 residents. They both conducted research visits in 2013 and longer return residencies in 2014, where they conducted projects and contributed to the Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement’s 2014 post-MFA workshop. You can view documentation of Bruce’s project in Remyre here and download the publication from Christine’s work Balsam Bashing here.

Bruce Chao
Bruce Chao
Christine Mackey

2013-2014 Residency : Artists


In 2013, through the longer-term support of IASPIS, Rejmyre Art LAB was able to move to a two-year residency model. Invited artists are selected through an open call and come to Rejmyre for an initial research visit, followed by an extended residency period. During the research visit, artists are permitted time to freely explore the site and their impressions. After a period of gestation, they make project proposals, to be realized during a one-month residency the following year.

Funders for this project:

Bruce Chao