2012 Residency

August 2012

During three weeks in August, six artists from the U.S, Germany and Sweden have gathered for an artist-in-residency; an extended working period in which the artists have made and installed work in different locations around town. They have also had a chance to experiment with hot glass on weekends through a new project called Transparency Lab.

Aldís Ellertsdóttir Hoff
Aldís Ellertsdóttir Hoff
Photograph by  Sophie Barbasch

2012 Residency : Artists


The 2012 ensemble-residence were the first to benefit from the new structure of the Transparency Lab, a platform for experimental work in hot glass at the Reijmyre Glasbruk. The aim of this new structure is to explore how contemporary art practices can inform and co-exist alongside factory glass production. The artists, coming from a range of disciplinary backgrounds [Jewellery, Photography, Performance, Glass and Media Art], got the chance to work with experienced glass blowers. The objects and processes produced were incorporated into performances and installations in locations throughout the town. Alongside the art projects, a series of conversations with the glass factory, local organisations and Finspångs kommun explored sustainable models for future engagements.

Participants: Zoë Sheehan Saldaña (US), Betina Speckner (GE), Simon Klenell (SE), Aldís Ellertsdóttir Hoff (SE/IS), Sissi Westerberg (SE), Daniel Peltz (SE/US)

Funders for this project:

Aldís Ellertsdóttir Hoff