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Rejmyre Art LAB's resident artists and workshop participants often present their works as site-responsive installations, performances and interventions in public spaces throughout the town. Works have engaged a range of sites including: the gas station, the local antique shop, the tourist bureau, the glass factory, the street and the forest.

Rejmyre Art LAB's 2011 Public Installations
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Daniel Peltz (US)

Tourist Information: A Pilgrim in Rejmyre
Tourist Information Office

A pilgrim in Rejmyre is the second installment in the Tourist Information video series I've been showing at the Rejmyre Tourist Bureau the last three summers.  This year features documentation of a prostration walk I made from Engleska Magasinet [a building that was once a part of the glass factory where they stored items awaiting shipment to England and is currently used as an art gallery] to Konsum [the only food store in Rejmyre] in a series of prostrations, measuring my steps with the length of my body.  I was interested in the experience of mediating this ritualized, Buddhist practice of traveling to a sacred site, by transporting it to a cultural context in which it was less transparent [Rejmre, Sweden].  It is the information of a tourist, it is information for tourists, it is touristed information, tourist information.


Alex Aurimea and Emanuel Almborg

Rejmyre Glass Museum

‘Handblown Coca Cola Bottle’ made in collaboration with glassblowers Joakim Molin (SE) and Elin Jonsson (SE) at the Reijmyre Glasbruk.

Video: A montage of images from a short film ‘Glass’ by Bert Haanstra (NL) 1958. The film depicts the changeover from handblown glass to automated industrial glass. 

Tracy Steepy

corridor outside the Reijmyre Glass Workshop

During her residency in Rejmyre in 2010, Tracy Steepy was drawn to some of the wooden molds in the basement of Reijmyre Glass Works.  Being a jewellery artist, it seemed natural to her to explore the possible relationship between these molds and different parts of the body. The project resulted in a series of photographs with one of the other residency participants serving as a model. The photographs were installed, alongside some of the molds used to make them, in the foyer of the Rejymre Glasbruk's retail shop.


Sissi Westerberg

Becoming & Return
Rejmyre Antique Shop 1st and 2nd floor

I love old furniture, especially rococo, silky fabrics and dark wood with ornaments that seem to want to keep growing, returning the piece to it´s natural origin. Many of them have an inherent sensuality that I’m interested in amplifying by introducing a sense of movement and by exaggerating their organic nature.



The Visitors
various locations around Rejmyre

Raketa landed in Rejmyre for the first time in 2007. Lennart Karlsson immediately became a natural part of the group and an active collaborator. Maybe our encounter has just started.  Raketa is a network of people running interdisciplinary, collaborative projects and experiments within art, design, architecture and digital media.


Shirin Adhami

Call Rejmyre!
Various locations around Rejmyre

Rejmyre has an enigmatic name which is spelled many ways and has transformed many times in the past five centuries since its founding, the latest in the 70's.  Rejmyre is also a town with constant visitors from different parts of Sweden, Scandinavia and the world who all say the name differently. I was surprised to find that even people from other parts of Sweden pronounce the name differently from how long time residents of the town know to say it.  This verbal knowledge cannot be transferred visually.  As a visual artist, I have an interest in this knowledge which evades my expertise.  Last year, I began recording the different ways people in the town say the name of the place.  This year, I set up an automated way to continue collecting this archive, which doubles as a convenient way to share some of the results.  I have set up an online number where the greeting is the name of the town pronounced in different ways, and listeners are invited to leave their way of saying Rejmyre after the beep.  I screen printed posters which I hung around town to advertise my project and the number 08 559 22 848.  Rejmyre Rings is a project exploring signifiers of belonging and residency.


Benjamin Slotteroy

Moss installations
Various locations around Rejmyre

Benjamin Slotterøy has created a series of temporary installations with moss in public spaces around Rejmyre. Through this gesture, he is attempting to import the mysticism of the forest into the town and to disrupt the familiar. The idea was initially developed in collaboration with the US artist Tracy Steepy during their residency in Rejmyre in 2010.


Robyn Backen

Performance on the attic

There are many unused rooms in the Rejmyre glass factory building but this room invited engagement. It is a room without light, only a slight spill at the entrance. When I entered this room it offered potential. The darkness suggested prosaic questions: Is it empty? Is it full? What was the space used for? This room asked for disclosure and with subtle performative intervention the room will be exposed to the senses of the audience.