Bettinas Studio
Vas intervension, Rejmyre
Vas intervension, Rejmyre

Bettina Speckner - The vase


Bettina Speckner doesn’t like to talk about her work. When pressed, she speaks of process, or of the parts that compose the whole, in terms of universals of form, colour, and structure. During the Ensamble Residencue in 2012 she created three black vases while experimenting in the glass factory. The form of the vase derives from a picture, given to her by a dear friend. Through the vase she explored different landscapes in Rejmyre, including the studio in the old factory building where she worked during the residency period.

Bettina Speckner is a jewellery artist and lives in Munich, Germany. Her jewellery is represented in museum collections all over Europe and in the US.


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