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Rejmyre Art LAB stages exhibitions and facilitates interactions between local institutions and international artists.  Past exhibitions have involved collaborations with the Rejmyre Glass Museum and Engelska Magasinet.


Photographs by Sophie Barbasch
August, 2013

Engelska Magasinet, Rejmyre
produced in cooperation with Engleska Magasinet

Rejmyre Art Lab is proud to present a selection of photos by U.S. artist Sophie Barbasch from her time in Rejmyre as a participant in the Nordic Studio for Continued Engagement's post-MFA fellowship. About the exhibition, Sophie's writes:

I arrived in Rejmyre in late August for a ten-day workshop and tried get my bearings. The water was sort of like Maine, the trees reminiscent of California, the light like warm sun in winter. The language was like a cascade, roaming, acute, a set of musical questions. I wondered about the lines on the town’s map, about its pulse and rhythm.

Our workshop, “Infinite Gestures,” posed the questions: what is a gesture and what is infinity? The group fell into a fortuitous exchange surrounding these simple but difficult questions. I immediately thought of the gesture of walking and photographing, that endeavor that can go on forever and is perhaps meant to go on forever. And so I started to go on walks.

Some of these images are in the show and some are just remembered.

I walked to the lake and found a postcard nailed to a tree. The scene was familiar but not recognizable. A blue rope crisscrossed an adjacent tree. Tools hung on a line over the silver water and a waiting rowboat. At night, the water was ice and the sun sat above the horizon like a floating egg. On the path back, snails littered the path, brought down with the rain.

Moving down the main road towards the town’s limits, I remember all the people I asked to photograph, but perhaps more strongly, the ones I didn’t ask. A cat would come out to greet me, weaving around my feet. I looked at people’s houses, down their lawns, and made the decision abruptly and without reason as to whether I would approach them. Each time was harder than the next, until someone would smilingly relent, and then I wasn’t such a stranger.

I looked out the window of my room onto the courtyard and sometimes marveled at that cold northern light that can make anything seem like it’s in its own world.

I also looked at my fellow artists and what they were finding. Each of us had discovered a separate universe comprised of our own materials. This selection of photographs is as much about Rejmyre as it is about a group of people thinking together and acting quickly—grabbing moss, cardboard, a snapshot, and saying, this is how I define infinity, permanence, and, indirectly, home.


Exhibition of works by Maria Johansson (SE)
History Storage and Conversation Containers
July 16-31, 2011

produced in cooperation with the Rejmyre Glass Museum

The Rejmyre Glass Museum is hosting a series of objects by Maria Johansson that she calls ”History Storage" and "Conversation Containers.” The objects don’t have a practical function but rather a poetic one, posing questions about the relationship between function and fiction
Maria Johansson graduated from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design and has since participated in a number of exhibitions in Sweden and internationally. In 2009 she founded the artist-collective “Material Girls” with two colleagues. She is originally from a small town outside Laholm in south of Sweden, but now resides and works in Stockholm where she has a studio in the old porcelain factory buildings in Gustavsberg.


Nordic Contemporary Glass Exhibition
August 20-28, 2010
download invitation english / svneska
produced in cooperation with the Rejmyre Glass Museum

Stine Bidstrup (DK), Stine Diness (DK), Ina Kristine Hove (NO), Sara Hulkkonen (FI), Rui Sasaki (JP), Outi Turpeinen (FI), Mette Colberg Jensen, (DK) Tanja Sæter (NO)

An exhbition of recent work from Nordic and international glass artists affiliated with Art LAB's programming, organized in conjunction with the Transparency and Mediation residency.